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In my ideal world…

…every day begins before my children wake up, with a quiet breakfast, a time to read Scripture and a conversation with my God.

…my house is clean every night when the lights are turned out – dishes washed, floors swept, laundry put away and all toys in their place – allowing a fresh start to each morning.

…my life is organized. My home stays organized.

…all, or at least most, of my family’s meals are organic and nutritious, prepared at home and served at our dining room table.

…I have the wisdom and the vision to homeschool my children well – to fill their minds with knowledge and their memories with experiences that will equip them to do anything, to be anyone.

…I have the wisdom and the patience to train my children well – train them to pursue righteousness and purity, to love God deeply and to honor Him by loving and serving people and by telling His story to anyone who will listen.

…my children know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I adore them, that I want what is best for them, that I accept them and that they mean the world to me.

…my husband and I have – and consistently follow – a clear and intentional plan for our finances – for how much and to what we give, save and spend, including a clear and intentional retirement plan.

…I have passionate sex with my husband several times a week, every week.

…I read two good books a month – the kind that inspire, make you think, make you see the world a little differently than you did before.

…I never stop growing or learning or improving.

…I am an injury-free ultra-marathoner.

…I am a world-traveler (as are my husband and children!).

…I am a published author.

…I love my husband, my children, my family, and my friends well – that is unconditionally, loyally, with deep compassion  and no judgement.

…I have my very own Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

…the romance never dies.

…my purpose is clear, my calling known, my direction steadfast, my path straight.

…I have unwavering Faith (you know, the kind that moves mountains).

What is your vision for your ideal world?


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Psalm 1/16

In my moments of darkness I feel fear

I know You are here

I truly believe You here my prayer

And that You love me

I feel Your presence

Your attentiveness

Your compassion

And still, in my moments of weakness, I feel such raw and unbridled fear

I am desperate for unwavering faith

For perspective

For peace

I trust You and know with all my heart that You will never leave me

But do I have faith in You?

Take heart, daughter, your faith has healed you.

According to your faith, will it be done to you.

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Meadow Grace

It is Friday night. Our first Christmas movie of the season has just ended. I say goodnight to my family (Honey, Papa, Summer and Grandma watched it with us), walk them to the door and head upstairs to tuck Meadow into bed. Daddy and brother have already fallen asleep. The house is quiet and kind of chilly.
I enter Meadow’s room, turn on her fan and nightlight and climb under the covers with her. She asks if we can read a story. I pull out her kids Bible and find our bookmark. We read the story of John baptizing Jesus. She asks which one is John then argues with me that people don’t really eat bugs. I explain that yes, sometimes people do eat bugs. She tells me that that is silly. A few pages later our story ends. I ask her if she wants to pray first or if she wants mama to pray first. She says she wants mama to pray first. She always says she wants mama to pray first. I say a short prayer then listen and marvel as my four year old says hers.
“Dear God, Thank you for a beautiful day with friends and family. Thank you that we went to Alabama. Please give us peace and wisdom. And be with everyone who is sad and sick and lonely. Jesus name, Amen.”
I hold my daughter close. We talk for a few minutes. She asks me to sleep in her room tonight. I tell her that I am not going to sleep in her room but I will snuggle with her for a few minutes. She says ok, picks up her duckie and closes her eyes. She is asleep within moments.

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