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I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. A lot of thinking. Even more than usual. I have been questioning things I’ve never questioned before. Questioning everything really. Around and round I go each day, the ground shaking beneath me, shifting and turning, keeping me from nailing much down. But as much as I’ve been questioning, as many things as I’ve been rethinking, there are these few that I keep coming back to.

It has been a year of change. But these things keep staying the same…

  • I believe in Creator God.
  • I believe Jesus lived, died on a cross and was who He said He was.
  • I believe that my husband and my children need me more than anyone else does and need me more than anyone else.
  • I know I feel so…alive when I am running (or otherwise active), writing, reading and experiencing this gorgeous planet (and that the purer I experience its form, the better). I believe all that has to mean something.
  • I believe Jesus is the answer to a lot of my questions.
  • I believe in real food. I believe it is the solution for much…maybe even most…of what ails us today.
  • I believe that being still, being quiet, truly simplifying, is the answer to finding the Holy Spirit. I believe it is through the Holy Spirit that we find peace, wisdom, clarity, direction, purpose, discernment, awareness, compassion, self control.
  • I believe in adoption. I believe it is on my heart and in my mind through out the day, every day, for a reason.
  • I believe in generosity and compassion.
  • I believe in green living. It makes so. much. sense.

These ten things I still believe.

And I would love to know, when your whole world is changing, what things do you still believe?


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In my ideal world…

…every day begins before my children wake up, with a quiet breakfast, a time to read Scripture and a conversation with my God.

…my house is clean every night when the lights are turned out – dishes washed, floors swept, laundry put away and all toys in their place – allowing a fresh start to each morning.

…my life is organized. My home stays organized.

…all, or at least most, of my family’s meals are organic and nutritious, prepared at home and served at our dining room table.

…I have the wisdom and the vision to homeschool my children well – to fill their minds with knowledge and their memories with experiences that will equip them to do anything, to be anyone.

…I have the wisdom and the patience to train my children well – train them to pursue righteousness and purity, to love God deeply and to honor Him by loving and serving people and by telling His story to anyone who will listen.

…my children know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I adore them, that I want what is best for them, that I accept them and that they mean the world to me.

…my husband and I have – and consistently follow – a clear and intentional plan for our finances – for how much and to what we give, save and spend, including a clear and intentional retirement plan.

…I have passionate sex with my husband several times a week, every week.

…I read two good books a month – the kind that inspire, make you think, make you see the world a little differently than you did before.

…I never stop growing or learning or improving.

…I am an injury-free ultra-marathoner.

…I am a world-traveler (as are my husband and children!).

…I am a published author.

…I love my husband, my children, my family, and my friends well – that is unconditionally, loyally, with deep compassion  and no judgement.

…I have my very own Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

…the romance never dies.

…my purpose is clear, my calling known, my direction steadfast, my path straight.

…I have unwavering Faith (you know, the kind that moves mountains).

What is your vision for your ideal world?

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Meadow’s First Story

Meadow handed me her first story today.

I was sitting in a chair on our back patio, one eye on the book I am reading for book club, one eye on Granite and his friend, Nora, as they rode a bike and a horse on wheels, up and down the slight hill of our driveway. The sun was warm, the breeze cool, the birds noisy, announcing to everyone that spring’s arrival is imminent. Meadow and Eliza were in and out the back door, their world of make believe carrying them from room to room and from yard to house.

After a while of this peaceful rythm of reading and watching and listening, I noticed that Meadow had sat down on the chair beside mine. She sat quietly for several minutes before asking me how to spell about twelve different words. I wrote the words on a piece of notebook paper and went back to my book. Several minutes after that she handed me a pink card that she had written on in pink ink. On the front of the card it said “The Shack” in her “really good, in my opinion, for a five year old” handwriting. (“The Shack” is the book I read a few months ago for book club. When I asked her about the title, she told me that she found the book on our book shelf and copied the words from there.)

When I opened the card I noticed that there was a whole paragraph of pink writing on the right page. No punctuation. Just words. I asked her if it was a story. She said yes. I asked her to read it to me. This is what she read (with correct inflection and tone and everything!):

Echo found a ring and put the ring on.

“No! Don’t put the ring on!”


“Because it’s somebody else’s!”

“Ok. I won’t put it on.”

And this is our conversation that followed:

“That’s really good, baby! I love it! Its your first story.”


“We need to show it to daddy as soon as he gets home!”

“Yeah. I think he’ll like it. I think he’ll say, ‘Wow, that’s good writing, girl.’ He calls me girl. Not Meadow. And you call me Annie, right? Cuz my real name is Annie, right? Cuz you named me Annie.” (with the last three sentences she grinned slyly, because she knows this isn’t true)

“Uh huh. (I replied just as slyly) I am so proud of you, Meadow. Are you gonna be a writer? Like mama?”

“Yes. And write stories. Like you do on your blog.” 

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As many of you know, I am a list maker. I make lists for everything. I like making lists. Making lists helps me put order into, what I feel is, an otherwise disorderly world.

I am also a journal keeper. I keep journals for everything. I like keeping journals. I have a prayer/spiritual journal, a journal about my son, a journal about my daughter, a journal to my husband, a food and exercise journal and a misc. journal (just in case there are any other thoughts that don’t fit into the previous categories. Hah! Is that even possible?)

So at Book Club on Saturday, when my friend pulled out a tall stack of journals and a pile of magazines, tape, scissors, and glue and told us that our art project for the day, if we chose to include ourselves, was to pick out a journal and decorate the cover with magazine clippings of our choosing, my first thought was, “What in the world am I gonna do with another journal?”

I loved the idea (one she got from the book we had just read, “Eat Pray Love”) and thought the decorating part sounded like fun, but I couldn’t think of a single thing to use it for (which meant I couldn’t think of how I wanted to decorate it either). So I sat for many minutes, watching  my friends create their journals and listening to their thoughts and ideas before having my own- the idea of keeping a  “Happiness Journal”.

Let me explain.

I believe the idea came to me because of what I have been struggling with off and on over the last month- just being happy. This has been a struggle of mine, off and on, my whole life (I believe because of my temperament, though that is another discussion for another time) but it has been particularly bad this past month. (Perhaps it is because of this dreary weather, perhaps because of a tragedy that occured in our family last month, perhaps because of hormones or my temperament or just my choices, I don’t know.) What I do know is that I don’t like it. I have been too blessed in this life to be struggling this much to have a peaceful and joyful spirit.

So this is my plan: to use my “Happiness Journal” for happy thoughts (things I am thankful for, excited about, looking forward to, etc.); and to include in it articles I find, quotes I hear, notes I receive, pictures I take and lists that I make of things that I love and enjoy and find beautiful, things that inspire me and encourage me, things that lighten my spirit, things that bring joy to my heart and peace to my soul. Things that remind me to be…happy.

I also want to make it a series, in hopes that you all will be blessed by my “Happiness Journal” as well. Let me know if you make your own! I would love to hear about it! 🙂

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I started this blog two months ago after my mom suggested the idea. I have always enjoyed writing, from the time I could use a pencil and spell enough words to get my point across, I have enjoyed writing. I haven’t done much of it the last five years (since having children) but last October I suddenly became inspired and since then I haven’t been able to stop! I have written more days than not, these past three months. It’s like an urge I can’t control, a craving I cannot satisfy. I’ve even started a novel. Crazy I know, and I am not remotely confident enough to believe it will be published, or that I will ever even finish it…but I am writing on it none the less. And the blogging has become a little crazy too. It’s like an idea (or multiple ideas) will follow me all day, until I give in and write them down. Its reminding me of the movie “The Holiday”, how Cameron Diaz’s character sees her life in her head like the previews that she works on for movies. I am seeing the moments in my day, the thoughts I have, the things I see and hear, written out like a blog in my head! And then there is the satisfaction of finishing a story or thought…to have an idea and work it out in my head enough to write it down in a way that (hopefully) communicates to other people…to start something and finish it all in the same day…thrilling.

So those are my thoughts about writing. Hopefully I can control myself enough to not write six more entries today. 🙂

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welcome to my world.

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