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Welcome to my last “first trail race” training post!

Week Four Training Recap:

Sunday: rest.

Monday: p90x “ab ripper x”.

Tuesday: 4 mile road run.

Wednesday: no workout. not sure what happened here…

Thursday: 3 mile road run. 10 sets of 15 push-ups. (to try and make up for yesterday)

Friday: 40 minutes of p90x “stretch”.

Saturday: Wild Thang Nine Mile Trail Run!!! ūüôā

Week Four Nutritional Recap:

Well, it has been four weeks of no soda and no “junk” food (with the exception of my birthday on which I did enjoy some cake and ice-cream!) and I can’t say I’ve really missed it (yes, it’s been shocking to me too). So what have I learned from this experience? What have I gained? I have learned that our bodies are incredibly adaptable and so are our taste buds! I’ve learned that the more I eat “real” food, the more I crave “real” food (and the more “junk” food sounds, well, yucky). I’ve learned that real food fills you up faster and for longer, making eating less, less of a big deal. I’ve learned that eating real food doesn’t have to be time consuming and complicated unless you want to make it that way (fresh fruit, fresh veggies, cheese, yogurt, nuts, beans and whole grain anything- so easy! so simple. It only has to be as complicated as we make it.) I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for God’s Creation- God created our bodies, God created “real” food to nourish our bodies. Beautiful. Simple. Functional. I’ve also gained (or perhaps simply reignited) a conviction that treating our bodies well is so important! So vital to our well being and quality of life. “We are what we eat.” I believe that with all of my heart. Stay tuned for more on my real food journey. This story is not over yet.


The end of this week marks the end of a challenging but rewarding commitment that I made to myself and to you, my readers, four weeks ago. It has been good. It has been hard. I am so grateful for the legs and feet that carried me through to the end of my training. Tomorrow I will post about my race experience. It was incredible!!! Thanks for reading. Thank you for your encouraging comments. I hope today finds you happy, healthy and moving! ūüôā


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Welcome to week three of trail race training! Three weeks in and things are going better than expected. So excited about Saturday’s race!

Week Three Training Recap:

Sunday: rest.

Monday: 5 sets of 20 pushups, 5 sets of 20 situps, 5 sets of 20 squats and 5 sets of 30 seconds of superman in 20 minutes.

Tuesday: 2 mile walk pushing my youngest in his stroller. 4 mile road run.

Wednesday: so sore. everywhere. skip workout.

Thursday: 4 mile road run.

Friday: 40 minutes of p90x “stretch”.

Saturday: 12 mile road run at Shelby Bottoms Greenway.

Week Three Nutritional Recap:

Not much to report. Enjoying my fruits and veggies. A lot. Have increased my protein consumption in an effort to speed up my recovery time. Sometimes I think it’s helping. Other times I don’t think it’s making a difference at all really. Feeling lighter and, on most days, more energetic. Planning to write a “real food” post soon!


The past few weeks have been a good reminder that we are capable of so much more than¬†we think we are. My 13 mile trail run last Saturday was a good example of that. And my 20 minute circuit on Monday, that I could barely complete, was as well. If you had told me on Saturday morning that I was going to go out and complete 13 miles that day, I would have told you I wasn’t ready for that, wasn’t in the shape to do that. But we did it! We finished 9, got back to the car, realized we didn’t feel done yet, turned around and¬†banged out¬†4 more. Finished strong. And it felt great! And Monday. Monday I would have told you I couldn’t do a hundred of anything in 20 minutes, much less a hundred of 3 different things. But I did it. Barely. But did it.

So. My friends. That is my¬†challenge to you this week. Find one thing you think you cannot do. And do it. Whatever it takes. Do it.¬†If you think you cannot go an entire day without drinking soda, go without. For one day. No matter what. Whatever it takes. No excuses. If you are sure you could never walk a mile without stopping, walk that mile! If running sounds like an impossibility for someone like you, go for a short walk and include just a bit of running. Even if it is only for 10 minutes. Or 5. Or 3! The point is to complete something that you never thought you would do, could do. Or maybe you are already a runner but just¬†know you could never run a 1/2 marathon…or a full marathon! Well I say, sign yourself up! Start your training. And see what happens. See how empowered you feel. See the snowball as it builds. See how many things can change just by changing one. Truly, we are remarkable creatures. If only we would treat ourselves as such!

And In Other News:

My dad and youngest sister started a 90 day commitment to p90x this week, my husband¬†biked 22 miles for the first time ever on Saturday, one friend of mine is training for her first Warrior Dash as of this week, another friend of mine has decided to run her first trail race this month (same one I am training for!), still another is in the middle of training for her first FULL marathon right now and¬†I have a¬†fourth friend¬†who is¬†now a couple months into training for his first Death Race. So many firsts!¬†I love it! So inspiring. I love seeing people trying new things, taking care of the remarkable bodies that God blessed them with, choosing to challenge themselves instead of just staying comfortable. So amazing. So exciting.¬†So inspiring.¬†ūüôā

I hope this week finds you healthy and moving and trying new things.

What is a “first” you have accomplished this year??

What challenge will you be taking on this week?

Five days to go until my very first trail race. Wish me luck!!! ūüôā

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Sorry for the belated post! How quickly I lose track of time these days! Maybe when the baby is two my days won’t stay so busy? Ha. Or maybe not. ūüôā

Had another great week! Really enjoying my training.

Week Two Training Recap:

Sunday: rest.

Monday: poor planning. no workout. ūüė¶

Tuesday: 50 minutes of p90x “yoga” in the a.m. (yesterday’s workout). 3 mile road run in the p.m.

Wednesday:¬†3×10 curls. 3×10 hammer curls. 3×10 static curls. all with 15lb weights. 3×10 of 3 types of tricep raises (so 90 total) with 5lb weights. 3x1min supermans.

Thursday: 5 mile road run.

Friday: 40 minutes of p90x “stretch”.

Saturday: 13 mile trail run at Percy Warner.

Week Two Nutritional Recap:

I am two weeks “junk” free at this point and it feels GREAT! Every one should try this “real” food thing some time. Seriously. I have barely missed my junk food. And am considering not going back after my four weeks is up. Better portion sizes this week too. I know that has helped me feel better as well.


I would describe this week as slightly more than just the right amount of challenging. Not the workouts really. I am enjoying the workouts. But I have been sore almost every day for two weeks now. That is getting tiresome. Would like to continue the same amount of workouts because I like doing something most days of the week. But may need to make a few of them a bit lighter or easier. Just so my soreness isn’t so overwhelming. Hard to function when my entire body hurts all the time…

Saturday was definitely my favorite workout of the week. Percy Warner is so beautiful. And peaceful. And there’s nothin’ like running for hours with one of your best friends, lost in the woods, catchin’ up on life. I am so blessed.

That’s all for now, folks.¬†Stay tuned for next week’s recap as I continue my adventures in trail race training! ūüôā


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Well, it’s been an interesting week.

First, a training recap:

last Saturday: 8 mile road run. 200 pushups. 200 situps.

Sunday: rest.

Monday: 160 push-ups. 160 sit-ups. 160 squats. 160 curls w/12lb weights. all in sets of 20.

Tuesday: 3 mile road run.

Wednesday: p90x “back and biceps” with the hubby.

Thursday: 4 mile road run.

Friday: 40 minutes of p90x “stretch”.

Saturday: 8 mile trail run at Ellington.

And a nutritional recap:

I ate a lot of good food this week. A lot of good food. Probably too much. Too much keeps me feeling less than my best. So that will have to be different this coming week. While satisfying my palette with fruits and veggies and proteins and whole grains (and a few treats like two glasses of wine and a few cups of coffee) is better than choosing processed junk “food”, I am remembering today that eating the right amount is really important too. So this week must be better. It will be better. I will do better.

As for my thoughts about the week:

It was a challenge. But not too challenging. Just the right amount. ūüôā There were a couple workouts that wouldn’t have happened, had I not blogged about this last week. So thanks for your help with that. ūüėČ Also, pretty sure I over did it on Monday. The soreness from those squats lasted until Friday. Not good. Will have to rethink that for this next week. And Tuesday’s run happened near midnight because my alarm didn’t go off that morning. Way too late to be running. (Although I must say there is something really peaceful, almost magical, about running at that hour. It is still one of my favorite times to run, though as a mama of three littles who like to wake around seven a.m most mornings, I rarely do it anymore.) Other than that, not much to report. I love working out with my hubby. I love getting up at five to watch the sunrise while I start my day with a run around the neighborhood. I love, loved running trails at Ellington this morning (definitely my favorite workout of the week). I am looking forward to seeing what this next week brings.

There are days when I look back and see how far I have come. On those days I feel strong. And capable. And confident that I can accomplish anything. Then there are days (like today, after this morning’s brutal eight mile trail run…) when I look forward. And see how far I could still go. Those days serve as good reminders to keep going. Keep pushing. Keep trying new things. Our bodies are so brilliantly designed. And they were made to move.¬†I don’t ever want to get comfortable. I believe I have yet to see what this body can really do. ūüėČ


How was your week? Any races in your near future (trail or otherwise)? Any training advice for this trail racing novice?

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So what does one do after running seven 5ks, three 10ks, four 1/2 marathons, one full marathon and one Ragnar Relay? One runs a 9 mile trail race!

I’ve been wanting to try trail racing for a while now. I’ve heard it is a very different experience than road racing. So on Saturday I signed up for my very first! And in the name of accountability I thought I would share with you my training plan. It will be a challenge…but I can do anything for four weeks, right?!?

The goal: To complete a 9 mile trail run with energy to spare.

The countdown (from Saturday): 28 days.

The nutrition plan:

NO junk food

NO soda

LOTSA water

The training plan:

Sundays: rest

Mondays: strength training

Tuesdays: shorter run (less than 6 miles)

Wednesdays: strength training

Thursdays: shorter run (less than 6 miles)

Fridays: stretching

Saturdays: longer run (more than 6 miles)


I will be updating my progress each Saturday until the race. Wish me luck!!


What are you training for these days?? Leave a comment and let me know! ūüôā

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It started out as a mild ache, contained to a very small spot between my two back molars. And¬†that lasted¬†for a couple of weeks. (Yes, I know,¬†I should¬†have dealt with the problem sooner. Hindsight…)¬†¬†Then¬†out of the blue, on Friday night, the pain suddenly and swiftly increased dramatically and by the end of the night I could no longer chew¬†using the left side of my mouth. By Saturday morning I was popping pain pills as frequently as the bottle deemed safe (or maybe a little more frequently, truth be told). By Sunday I struggled to see or hear anything past the pain and by Monday morning I could barely speak without tears springing to my eyes. Waves of nausea continually coursed over me, as the pain shot through¬†my face.¬†Every movement of my jaw¬†had become¬†exruciating. In fact, every moment had become painful, movement or not. ¬†The entire left side of my face, head and neck¬†seemed inflamed, it felt as though someone had stabbed me in the jaw then punched me repeatedly in the face.¬†From the time I woke up Monday morning¬†until sometime around four o’clock that afternoon, I ate as little as possible and¬†stayed as silent as is possible when you are the mother of two small children.¬†Not the best day I’ve ever had…

By Sunday night I knew I had to do something about the pain. And as has been the case on more than one occasion, I debated who to go to for help: Ed Mikrut or good ‘ole Doc Western…Doc Western or good ‘ole Ed Mikrut

Here is where I will try and explain who Ed is and what Ed does. Simply put, mainly because I don’t know that I can explain it any other way, Ed has a lot of experience with and is incredibly knowledgeable in dealing with physical and emotional illnesses and problems using¬†natural (a.k.a: eastern/homeopathic/alternative) methods. He also encourages natural methods of pursuing general physical and emotional wellness. He has been an incredible blessing to me and my family on many occasions, and in spite of my initial skepticism, has produced results time and time again. If this at all sounds like something/someone you are interested in/have been looking for, you can call 615-593-1855 to make an appointment with Ed. Or if you just have questions or need a better explanation first about what it is that he actually does, he can do a much, much better job with that than I ever will. ¬†I highly, highly recommend him and he offers many other references as well.

So anyway, back to my debate about whether to see Ed or a “regular doctor”. I had been to Ed for sickness before but never for pain. And with my experience with western medicine, I knew that a regular doctor was going to offer me what I was oh so desperate for: fast relief. However, I also knew, or believed, that what Ed offers is safer/healthier and more conducive to long term health and wellness than filling my system with antibiotics and prescription strength pain killers every time I develop an illness or infection. Sooo…

I decided to call Ed. I decided that even if the relief took a little longer (oh but hopefully not too much longer!), that I would feel better about that decision in the long run.

I contacted him the moment I woke up on Monday morning and prayed that he would have an opening.

Three o’clock today, was his response.

Wonderful, was mine.

The hours couldn’t have passed fast enough as I waited for three o’clock to roll around. Finally the clock said 2:30. I gratefully and hurriedly loaded the kids and myself into our car.

The trip across town felt like an eternity. But eventually we arrived at his office, where I dragged myself through his door and plopped myself down in the chair across from where he sat. Meadow and Granite, and a handful of toys, found a seat somewhere beside me, and though I struggled to speak, I told Ed everything that was going on, beginning with the discomfort that had started almost a month before. He listened quietly at first then asked a series of relevant questions. I answered best I could. Within a half hour of arriving I was tested, imprinted, given a concoction of goodness in a little brown bottle, and handed a long list of herbs, vitamins and ideas for ways to help the problem once I got home.

The relief was quick and complete. Within an hour of being imprinted the pain had diminished slightly and every hour after that I could feel noticeable improvement. By the time I went to bed that night the pain had shrunk to one little spot in my mouth (the spot it originated in a few weeks before) and by Tuesday morning there was absolutely no pain anywhere. A tenderness lingered until Wednesday but by the end of the week there was no sign that there had ever been any problem at all. No pain, no tenderness, no sensitivity. I could even chew using that side of my mouth without an ounce of discomfort.

I was a believer in alternative medicine before I walked into Ed’s office that day. But if there was even an ounce of disbelief or skepticism lingering in my mind before the day my tooth was treated, it has disappeared as completely as the pain I walked in with that day.

P.S. It has been three weeks since I woke up pain free. And I am happy and very thankful to say, as I sit here eating these crunchy tortilla chips, that that status has not changed in the slightest.

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Tomorrow marks¬†four weeks since my first full marathon, four weeks since I’ve run a single step. The¬†marathon was incredibly brutal and completely¬†amazing all at the same time (I am working on a blog post about it…will hopefully finish it¬†within the next¬†year) and left my legs in such a state of disrepair that I haven’t run since.

But today was warm. And sunny. And gorgeous. And I just couldn’t say no to another run. So after getting way too little sleep last night and cleaning six houses in as many hours, and while knowing that I had a late night ahead of me (New Year’s Eve, after all!), I came home near four o’clock, changed into a pair of running shorts (yes, running shorts! at the end of December, imagine that), laced up my running shoes, marathon tag still wrapped around my laces, and bounded out the door. A short stretch at the end of the driveway later I headed west on Garrett Drive.

I began with a brisk walk to warm up and took an assessment as I went: left knee- fragile, both hamstrings- tight, i.t band- unpredictable, toes- good, spirits- high!

Within two minutes my excitement and curiosity about the run ahead and the restlessness that had been building within me for four weeks, had taken over and my brisk walk had turned into a brisk run. My plan had been to walk awhile, then run a slow steady pace with intervals of walking. But I must confess that in my moment (by moment, I mean around twenty-seven minutes) of weakness, I abandoned this plan and ran, with no walking, the rest of the three miles around the block and back to my house, averaging a nine minute mile. Oops.

The first few steps were stiff and awkward- like my legs had been incased in concrete. For several minutes each step was a struggle- a struggle to move my joints enough to propel myself forward, a struggle to lift my feet high enough to leave the ground. My legs felt as though they had been filled with lead, felt as though it had been years since I had moved them. I began to wonder if the entire run would feel this forced, wondered how long my gait would feel so…unnatural. My hips and glutes ached with every step, as though someone had taken a baseball bat to them moments before I began my run. My lungs were about the only thing functioning properly, the only thing not in suffering as the miles added up behind me. There was no gasping, no heaving, no burning chest or aching side or churning stomach. To my surprise, they¬†felt as though I hadn’t missed a beat.

So cardiovascularly the entire run felt great, muscularly though…ugh.

Eventually most of the concrete got chipped away. And by the last mile the tightness in my hamstrings had diminished, the deep pain in my hips and glutes subsided and my gait felt at least a little closer to what I would consider normal.

What a thrill to be running again. Inspite of the physical discomfort, my mind stayed in¬†a very positive place before the run, during and for the rest of the night after- my knee¬†hadn’t given out, my i.t band¬†hadn’t locked up, and after the first two minutes, I had run without walking…what more could one ask for? ūüôā

As I closed in on my last half mile the road said to me, “Welcome home.”

“Thank you, old friend,” I said in return. “It is good to be back.”

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